December 1864

While in the past I have voiced some differing opinions regarding Confederation, after attending the Charlottetown conferences I must say I have been utterly convinced that Confederation of the Colonies should have my full support. It is my goal to change the tone of the Morning Chronicle from one of indecisiveness to a piece of writing that exemplifies why Confederation is the upmost option when it comes to improving the society in which we live in. I hope that my writing will prove to my fellow Nova Scotians how Confederation will protect us, improve our economic income, and enhance our way of life.

– Jonathan McCully –       




March 1865

Confederation is not an idea that is widely supported in our Nova Scotian demographic. I too once doubted Confederation’s legitimacy, but once I understood the reasons for union I began to see more and more how its benefits will be Nova Scotia’s to reap.  The most common argument against Confederation at this time refers to our current success as a colony. I hear many commoners in the streets asking “why would Nova Scotia risk the failure of Confederation when it is fine how it is?”. Well, even though we are functioning as our own society, a big threat is looming in the south. America is stronger than ever and very soon could be plotting to invade Nova Scotia, causing possibly catastrophic consequences for the foundation of our colony. The Americans would impose their beliefs and way of living onto our thriving Nova Scotian ways, so how can this be prevented? Confederation would provide us with military assistance from the bigger colonies in case of an attack from the south. If the colonies are united then it makes it more intimidating to attack as opposed to a divided society.      Confederation will ensure our safety for generations to come.

– Jonathan McCully –




October 1865

It seems as though the protection of ourselves and our loved ones is not enough to convince all of Nova Scotia that Confederation is in their best interest. Therefore with great pleasure, I bring forth to you the notion which states that our economy will significantly improve with the union of the colonies. Yes, our economical ties with New England are booming, but we can do better. Our closer ties to the Confederation will one day open up markets from sea to sea, especially when the promised railroad reaches the Pacific. All the colonies, all the people, all the money, and Nova Scotia’s hard working citizens will profit from it all. Not only do we benefit, but we make the rules. All the of the colonies trades will go through Nova Scotia, which means that it (we) can tax the items which come through. Not only would we be gaining money from the taxes and selling of goods, but our ports would need to be improved which means more jobs for some of the hardworking, but struggling individuals of our great colony. The Confederation of the colonies will not only make Nova Scotia a safer place to live, but will allow an increasing amount of people to live like Kings!          

– Jonathan McCully –




January 1866

In one of my most recent articles depicting how Confederation will improve the domestic market for Nova Scotia trading, I brought up the great railroad. What I forgot to mention is how the success and our participation with this railway might depend on our support of Confederation. The railway and notion of Confederation share the goal of connecting the colonies as well as the people in them, so if Nova Scotia was to defy Confederations intent, then it may be inferred that we don’t want the railway either. If we don’t support the other colonies through Confederacy, it gives them no reason or motivation to help Nova Scotia, or any of the Atlantic colonies, with the addition of the railway. Why spend resources and money to connect with a collection of people when they don’t want to be ‘connected’ in the first place. Thus, Nova Scotia’s participation in the uniting of the colonies will promote our hopes and vision of a great railway sea to sea.      

– Jonathan McCully –