So over the break I have had an epiphany about my ZIP project. More specifically about my Rap writing ambitions. The process of writing and creating a song is a lot harder then I would have thought. I was struggling to find out what I wanted to say because I wanted my song to not only be impactful but be really meaningful to myself. While I previously thought that my first attempt/song had to be meaningful I now understand that to create an impactful song, I need tons and tons of practice actually writing songs. Not all of my attempted songs will have to be ‘groundbreaking’ but can be about anything that’s on my mind.

The other thing I realized is that I can’t (and shouldn’t) force myself to write about deep emotions. I was watching an interview with my favourite rapper, Logic, and he was showing the interviewer everything in his signature fanny pack. One of the items was a notebook, so that he can always write down ideas, thoughts, and emotions. What I took from that is that I can’t (and shouldn’t) force myself to write about deep emotions whenever and wherever. Emotions and thoughts come and go, and instead of looking for them, when they come I should be ready and confident to write about them.

One of the biggest things I will take away from this project that applies to all writing, is that reading and judging someones work, is a lot easier then actually writing ones own work. I connect this to how it’s easier to talk the talk than to walk the walk. One thing that I will try to do for the rest of my writing ‘career’ is acknowledge positive aspects of all writing, whether is be the attempt, the message, the description, or any other factors that are a part of all forms of literature.

So after these realizations, I decided that instead of presenting a rap for the class, I could come up with a different way to share my learning. I will be presenting lyrics from different artists and songs and breaking them down for the class to hear, see, and understand.