John Maxwell’s The 360° Leader was a really interesting workshop that I felt shed light on a type of leadership not often taught; leading from the middle of the pack. The concept is something I definitely intend to use in my everyday life, at school, with my friends and on my teams. One idea that I plan on using in my future leadership projects and efforts is “The Law of Empowerment” that states “Only Secure Leaders Give Power Away” (6).  I feel that too often my mindset is that the more I take on and do, the better leader I am, when in fact real leaders (like we learned last year) distribute jobs equally to people around them. I plan to hone my distribution skills further in our Garage Sale Leadership project. Since I have experienced the process of creating such an event, I could take on the entire work load myself to make sure it is done right. But, at the end of the day, if the other members don’t have responsibility and put in effort, then they will never learn from those the possible success (and maybe failures) and thus improve their own organizational, planning, leadership and other skills. By splitting up the work evenly, I hope each person will learn and then be confident when it’s their turn to organize an event next year. I think that the importance of distribution was better articulated in this presentation than in last year’s because of his use of supporting myths, such as “The Inexperience Myth” (5) to better help illustrate his thinking. Through the workshop, I saw how being at the top doesn’t come with complete control, so one should practice giving up control in the middle of the pack by sharing the load. This is what I plan to do with my Leadership project and in other aspects of my life..