This is my Works Cited for my eminent person project on Craig Kielburger. Below I have included resources I used to develop knowledge, appreciation, and opinions on Craig and the development of his organization. I also included a very short description on what the link is and how it helped me. So with out further a due, lets get started…

The ME to WE Social Enterprise website was a treasure trove of information during my research phase. I was never aware about the enterprise side of WE charity and was really interested to know what it does. Viewing the products that Me to WE sells and seeing the impact they make, was really important in crafting my learning centre.

While I had known a lot of information on Craig already, the Craig & Marc Kielburger info page allowed me to review the facts I knew already, as well as some new info I didn’t know. I feel that during a project such as this, the more information you read and retain, the more accurately you can portray you chosen person.

Learning about the WE Charity, hearing their story, and viewing their impact was a huge inspiration (at the beginning of my project) to find more about Craig. While I have been involved with WE before, there was so much more to their initiative and beliefs than I had previously thought.

I also thought it was important to know what other companies and organizations are doing to break the cycle of poverty and I did so by reading about what Fair Trade does. I learned what the notion of fair trade outside of WE is and came to a realization of how much Craig has indirectly influenced these organizations to exist and grow.

Even though the information on Craig on the info page listed above is highly credible, I wanted to see if there was any other information on Craig that he was too modest to publish. I stumbled across a Washington Post article that was quite valuable. Not only did it reaffirm facts on the other page but it gave more information on his early years.

It Takes A Child is a documentary about Craig Kielburger as a child. It documents almost three years of his life, educating me on where he came from, who his family was, and how he was inspired to develop his organization. It shows his travels to learn about child poverty, his fight for children’s rights, and the growth of Free the Children. What was especially powerful for me, was watching Craig go to India as a twelve year old kid (without his parents) and hear the many stories from children in poverty.

I also had an interview with Maureen Dockendorf who is the Director of Educational Partnerships for WE Schools. I have explored this interview more thoroughly in another blog post. I asked her questions about WE Trips, working with the WE charity and ME to WE, as well as her unbiased opinion of how the organization works and the sustainability of WE villages. It was really inspiring to hear her thoughtful observations about the different work she has done around the world with WE, and the praise she had for Craig, Marc, and the rest of the organization. The information she told me, gave me another perspective that was unbiased, and reliable.

  • CitationM. Dockendorf, personal communication , October 29th 2017

I read Iqbal by Francesco D’Adamo and although it was a fiction novel, it gave me a resource that didn’t provide me with facts, but with emotional motivation and inspiration. Just like the newspaper article inspired Craig, I used this novel and this empathy I had built for Iqbal to drive my emotion in my speech. This resource especially connected me to Craig and illuminated how someone could become so driven and upset by cruelty in the world.

  • Citation – D’Adamo, Francesco. Iqbal: a Novel. Atheneum Books for Young Readers , 2001.

To fully become Craig in my speech, I had to watch multiple videos of him speaking, most notably at WE Day. While watching him talk, I noticed his gesticulation, his enthusiasm, as well as his passion.I find that his voice is very engaging and entrancing and that’s why I love listening to him talk.                                   These are some of the videos:

I also had the amazing opportunity to go to WE Day (for my second time) this year. This was one of the ways I kicked of my project. It was absolutely incredibly, being in a stadium full of ‘shameless idealists’. Kids who were dedicated to making the world a better place, locally and globally. This also helped in my project because I was able to genuinely talk about WE Day through a personal experience.

  • Citation: WE Day. By Craig & Marc Kielburger, performances by Martin Sheen, Hedley, Jacob Tremblay, Grace Vanderwaal, SonReal, Alexandre Trudeau, Lonnie Chavis, Celebrity Marauders, Chloe Wilde, Tyrone Edwards, Kenyan Boys Choir, Spencer West, Silken Laumann, David Patchell-Evans, Val Weisler, Carol Todd, Karina LeBlanc, Sarah Wells, Craig & Marc Kielburger, Hannah Alper, Tai Young, Lisa Charleyboy, Aysha Emmerson, David James Wang, Leila Attar, Sarah Daintrey, Raven Lacerte, Hunaifa Malik, Aqsa Hussain, Amalina Smith, Declan Matias Johnston, Maggie McMurchy, Tesicca Truong, and Veronika Bylicki ,ME to WE Social Enterprise, 18 Oct. 2017, Rogers Arena, Vancouver.