1. I’ll start out as a 12 year old Craig Kielburger and introduce myself as if I am talking to my own classmates.  I will introduce to them that I have an idea.
  2. The conflict is when I talk about Iqbal Masih and the newspaper article in the paper that morning that reported his murder. What did this make me feel and think?
  3. The rising action begins with Craig asking himself, so what? How has this motivated me? I say that I am starting a group to fight for other 12 year old kids like Iqbal, shackled by chid labour and poverty. What is my plan (minimal)
  4. The Climax is almost a “transformation”. I take of my jacket to reveal a ME to WE shirt, revealing that I am now grown up Craig, speaking at WE Day, 22 years later.
  5. The Falling action is Craig talking at WE Day. Reflecting upon what the organization once was and the kind of impact it has now made.
  6. The resolution will be Craig talking about what possibilities are around the corner, and asking the audience, “Will you join me?”