Over these past few weeks I have started on the landscape portion of my photography project. During this time I have come to the conclusion that I have not given myself enough time for each aspect of photography I had previously wanted to explore. In response to this discovery I have laid out a new plan of what I want to accomplish, that is focusing only on landscape and portraits. I have chosen these aspects because not only have I developed a particular fascination for these medias, but I also think I am already confident in macro photography more than anything else. I also think my goal of “finding the soul of a picture” connects the strongest to portraits and landscape photography.

Something I have taken the time to do over the past couple weeks is analyze and research various photographers whose specialty include landscapes and/or portraits. Two photographers that resonated with me in specific were Ansel Adams and Steve McCurry. What I found so compelling about Adams was the detail and “richness” that his photos had even though he only used black and white film, as well as a camera that had no way of previewing the pictures while he was taking them. I also admire McCurry’s effort to capture cultural traditions and beliefs within his photographs of people. These factors and ideologies can/will be useful in finding the soul of pictures, as well as the multiple techniques that I have read about these photographers using.


Steve McCurry



Ansel Adams








At the beginning of my project I wanted to create a website where I could present the pictures I was taking, with further investigation and inspiration from other students, I decided the best media for me to do this is Instagram. This is because I believe it is an easier, less expensive, and more effective way for my pictures to gain exposure.

(Check it out at https://www.instagram.com/macmillan.shots/)

To conclude my reflection, I want to recognize another bit of growth that occurred this past while. I have realized that not all my photos are going to be perfect, sometimes I will go on a photo trek and while I may take 200+ photos, I may only come back with a couple (if any at all) that I love. What I have had to start doing is taking the regretful or disappointed feelings and turn them into feelings of curiosity or perseverance, and inquire, analyze, and reflect upon what I could have done better, what I did well, and what I am going to do next time.  With a positive and open mindset such as this, I know I can make giant strides towards my end goal.

“How to have a Beautiful Mind” connections:

When meeting with my mentor, I really have tried to find connections that will lead to further understanding of each other. Even though we may be of a different age, have different experiences, and varied interests, I have tried to focus in on the thing that really connected us, and obviously that is photography. When I lead our discussions, I make sure to ask questions on what photography means to her as well as her own experiences and learnings. I always reassure my interest by nodding, smiling, as well as making comments. Along with that I make sure to tell my own stories, while connecting things such as similar outcomes or realizations.

In the end, I am finding that thinking more about my responses expand the conversation, and in doing so, I am finding more out about myself.

Thats all for now everybody, stay tuned for my next update!