Stories with no words, art without a canvas, a work of beauty hanging up on the wall. Photography. An art form used to capture the energy, essence, and emotion of a moment, frozen in time forever. While the dictionary describes it as “the art or practice of taking and processing photographs”, I describe it as not only beauty, but a passion. It is for this reason among many others, that I have chosen to become an expert in photography, for this year’s ‘In-depth’ project.

A big reason I chose to become an expert photographer is because of my lack of opportunity for creative expression. When I say lack of opportunity, I don’t mean there aren’t programs and chances to express my artistic passion, but it is because I am always at the pool, at school, completing homework, or sleeping (which isn’t a bad thing because I am extremely passionate towards all of these activities).

Now for some people this may not be a problem, but growing up I was always acting, dancing, or singing at least two days a week (if not all the time around the house), so having to take these activities out of my schedule completely, has taken some getting use to, and I miss them. Artistic expression gives me a sense of connection with myself and my surroundings. It calms me and gives me joy. This is where photography comes in. During these five months I know I will be fulfilled by tapping into my expressive passion.

Creating art is a great reason to explore photography, but another reason I want to learn more about photography is because I am awed by those who can take a truly jaw-dropping photo and capture a moment’s soul. I see photographers as true artists, and although I love all types of art, and have always loved to draw, dance, sing and act, I am very drawn to photography.

The Mentor that will help guide me along this journey in photography that I am taking, is Kelly Denholme. Kelly is a teacher (and has been for about 25 years) in our district. She has taught many subjects over the years, one of which is of course, photography! Now if I was only searching for photography teachers, I would have had a lot of options, but there is one thing that Kelly has that I found intriguing and this was her passion for photography. I could hear it in her voice as she talked about what aspects she loves to teach, as well as the aspects of which she wants to learn more about.

I am overjoyed that I have a mentor who is experienced, knowledgable, and (most importantly) as excited about this project as I am…

Overall I am super exited for this project and where this topic will lead me.


“There is a snapshot, and then there is a photograph”  – Kelly Denholme