Slam Poetry. Spoken word.

And maybe you don’t care cause it’s not as cool as rap, but it can do the same, entrap you in its words, distract you from your hurts. Because I’ve experienced the fireworks exploding when I’ve been holding in the anger and tears, that disappears until what I fear becomes reality and I come close to losing my sanity. The feelings are inevitable, their stronger than gravity, and they pull me down. They pull us all down.

See. This is why at times I prefer it to the music, because when I’m writing in my room I tend to lose it. Consumed by my thoughts, and that I’ll admit. And sure it may not be fire, It may not be “Lit”. But I don’t get something from Kanye, it doesn’t feel the same. Like Comparing Burgers from McDonalds to The Kegs Fillet. Its plastic, manufactured, it doesn’t compare to the bareness of a single voice of a person who made a choice to speak out, seek out, take the tough route and say what’s on there mind. (with a little help from a thing called rhyme).

Now again don’t get me wrong, nothing gets me hyped like a Macklemore song. Their talent is unreal. I mean thats why their the stars. But that shouldn’t mean we don’t reach for the stars, be who we are, or do something thing hard or try something new. Thats what I’m trying to do. Thats why I wrote this poem for all of you.

And on that note I’ll take it to a close. Thank you for reading and I can’t wait for my show!

Thank you.