"How can sky be the limit when there's footprints on the moon?"

Jonathan McCully and the Morning Chronicle – Articles of Confederation

CONFEDERATION – THE WAY TO GO!  December 1864 While in the past I have voiced some differing opinions regarding Confederation, after attending the Charlottetown conferences I must say I have been utterly convinced that Confederation of the Colonies should have… Continue Reading →

The last in-depth post !

Recently I baked Cinnamon Buns and brought them into the class to share and receive feedback. The process of actually making the dough and spreading the cinnamon and sugar was way more interesting than making pillsbury ones. I made the… Continue Reading →

Canadian Autobiography Check-in #1

Quote 1 “He has lived a life that should be an example for everyone who achieves greatness of how to be humble and unselfish and how to treat others” (xii) Personal Interest: Something you notice very quickly about Bobby Orr’s… Continue Reading →

John A. Macdonald: We stand on guard for… Who?

John A. Macdonald: We stand on guard for… Who? Sir John A. Macdonald is widely considered as the father of Canada, but were his actions and upheld beliefs truly those of a nation builder?  Many supporters of Macdonald argue that… Continue Reading →

Canadian Independant Investigation

In-depth Post #5 – The Final One

Wow, another “final” in-depth post already. Looking back at all the posts previous to this one I have been reflecting upon my project so far this year. I am so proud that I chose such an unusual topic for me… Continue Reading →

Is Canada a “postnational” state? – DOL

Choose an event from Canada’s past or present (social, political, environmental, or economic) and describe / illustrate (show cause and effect) how this event influenced / influences all four of the quadrants. Provide images / primary source evidence where possible…. Continue Reading →

In-depth blog post #4

One of the most significant events that has happened since the last post is bringing my bread into school for people to critique. I shared my bread with around 12 TALONS students and teachers and got reviews from most of… Continue Reading →

Significant Personal Object

Inquiry Question  What is the story of Connor’s gold medal?  Source; what type of source is this, who created it, when and where was it produced?  This is a Primary Source The medal itself was created by KERR’S Recognition Services… Continue Reading →

Historical Thinking Response

As we talked about in class on Friday, the more we know about history, the better we can understand, predict, and solve conflicts in the present. Knowing how important history is, the question we pick will be equally as important… Continue Reading →

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