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Eminent Speech Story Arc

I’ll start out as a 12 year old Craig Kielburger and introduce myself as if I am talking to my own classmates.  I will introduce to them that I have an idea. The conflict is when I talk about Iqbal… Continue Reading →

Changing the World from ME to We – Intro Post

Craig awoke sleepily on a brisk morning in 1995 in the neighbourhood of Thornhill, Ontario and started getting ready for the day.  Just before before leaving for school he picked up a newspaper and was shocked to his core by… Continue Reading →

Weekly Post #3 – Harrison Bergeron

Something I value is when a filmmaker or author encourages the audience to see themselves as part of the narrative. This most notably happens when a viewer can connect with characters or the intended message in the piece. I also… Continue Reading →

Weekly Posts 1 and 2

What might you ‘take away’ from our discussions of Stuart Mclean’s “Emil” or “Safe Places,” Chamimanda Ngozi Adichie’s “The Danger of a Single Story,” or Budge Wilson’s “The Metaphor” this week? How might you apply this ‘take away’ to your… Continue Reading →

“Emil” Reflection

Are we defined by our past and our appearance or, are we defined by what is in our heart? In the short story “Emil” by Stuart Maclean, the protagonist, Morley,  learns that quick judgements hurt our ability to connect and… Continue Reading →

Bifocal Scene One

Haroon has come home after being falsely accused of being part of a terrorist group to find his father cooking his “famous lamb casserole”(44). Throughout the scene and chapter, Haroon reflects upon his day and the reader subtly learns about… Continue Reading →

The Crash

I was more worn than my oldest pair of socks. My feet pulsed under the tight confines of my sleek running shoes, as if trying to escape. Each step felt a mile long while my wobbling legs struggled to hold… Continue Reading →

Genetic Engineering TALON Talk

Although it has been brought up before in class, I have chosen to research and present my findings on genetic engineering. The entire learning process has truly fascinated me, not only learning more about how it works, but about the… Continue Reading →

Reducing my ecological footprint

Calculation of my footprint My eco footprint is 11.22 hectares Once I put my action plan into motion, my footprnt was reduced by 1.45 hectares and my total footprint is now 9.77 hectares. Comparison of mine to others  Canada’s average… Continue Reading →

In-depth post #6

Lately I have really been focusing in on taking pictures of people, or how I have described them for my project, portraits. In regards to taking meaningful, moving pictures of people, my mentor had a good idea which was to… Continue Reading →

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